A Way too Long Day of Shooting

We were running out of time before one of the lead actors went off to college, so we had to film what should have taken three days to film all in one day. We started filming at 1:00 and went till around 2:30 in the AM.

We started off the day filming some scenes in a pool. Which was a lot nicer than filming in the car or in a hot bedroom.
Later we filmed some scenes in my room, then the big party scenes. We invited around twenty people over for the fake party. Surprisingly, they were quite cooperative in being quiet when we started filming. However, when we tried to record room tone, of typical party noises, for some reason everyone simply began shouting.

We also filmed the one "fight scene" (I hesitate to call it that, as it's barely a fight), which ended up looking far more realistic than I expected.
And after all this I spent hours cataloging each shot and getting all the video and audio together.

Filming at Night

Shooting at night presented a whole new set of issues. Getting the lighting to look realistic but still clear was time consuming, although not that difficult. The biggest problem was just finding cords and monitoring the audio in the dark.

In the scene we were filming, a car hurriedly pulls up to a house. And, since we were filming on trash night, we decided it would be funny if when the car pulled up, it hit a trash can.

On the first take, Keith, the driver, lightly tapped the trash can. The second time he nailed the can, but people were laughing in the background. On the third take , he smashed into the trash and came close to hitting my car. We decided to stop there, since one more take and he probably would have hit my car.

While editing the scene, there was still a little laughing in the background, but I was able to edit it out.

A Short Horror Film

Last night I made a short horror film in my basement just because I had nothing else to do (two of my actors just got back from going up north). You can watch it here.

I filmed it in about 45 minutes and edited it in an hour. Hope you enjoy.

Tonight I'll be filming again, so the posts about filming should be more frequent in the future.