A Graphic and Hellish Masterpiece

Come and See (1985)
Directed by Elem Klimov, not rated, 142 minutes

Come and See is an eerie, raw and harrowing Soviet war film that shows the horrors of war through the eyes of 13 year old boy who joins a group of partisans trying to survive the Nazi invasion. The incredible, sweeping visual style adds to the surreal and bizarre imagery, and the actual war scenes are realistic and impressive in scope. The film has innumerable disturbing and horrifying moments and seeing them reflected on the face of young Aleksey Kravchenko's expressive face is almost too much at times. Come and See is unlike any war film out there; its provocative and painful atmosphere is truly haunting, and it's horrors are impossible to forget. You'll like it if: You like Soviet cinema, disturbing films, war films, Apocalypse Now, The Ascent, Stalker or Cross of Iron.

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