"It took God six days to create the earth, and Monty Python just 90 minutes to screw it up."

The Meaning of Life (1983)
Directed by Terry Jones, rated R, 107 minutes

The Meaning of Life is a tasteless but outrageously funny comedy where Monty Python tries to answer the age old question of "Why are we here?" through a series of sketches. Monty Python is in top form here, with some of their most bizarre, outlandish and devilishly clever sketches, but also some humorously poignant moments. The film is visually magnificent, sometimes delving into surreal imagery, and while the film has no plot, the jokes mainly revolve around life and death which gives a sense of cohesiveness. The Meaning of Life is quite different from Monty Python's earlier films, but retains their madcap spirit and their smart humor, and it might even make you think. You'll like it if: You like Monty Python, sketch films, Man Bites Dog, A Fish Called Wanda or The Fireman's Ball.

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