"One big case. Zero clue."

The Mystery Team (2009)
Directed by Dan Eckman, rated R, 105 minutes

The Mystery Team is a hilarious and fun low budget comedy about a group of naive child detectives, now in high school, that never grew out of solving little mysteries, who take on a murder case to prove they're adults. Though the premise is funny, it could easily be a one-joke film, but the writers are clearly devoted to creating genuine characters and a surprisingly interesting mystery. The film is made by the Derrick Comedy Troupe whose odd humor translates well into film, and Donald Glover stands out as the childish and devoted leader. The Mystery Team accomplishes everything it sets out to do; it has an enthralling story, unexpectedly effective suspense (in a good childrens' horror movie way) and a lots of truly funny jokes. You'll like it if: You like quirky humor, parodies, Donald Glover, Observe and Report, Pineapple Express or Planet Terror.

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