"I've got an infinite number of places to go, the problem is where to stay."

Naked (1993)
Directed by Mike Leigh, rated R, 131 minutes

Naked is a harsh, raw and atmospheric drama about an intelligent drifter who, after raping his girlfriend, flees to London to avoid punishment, where he wanders around having various encounters. David Thewlis's character is utterly repulsive, treating women like trash the entire film, but his performance is indescribably brilliant, as he finds a way to make his character more pitiful than loathsome, with charm and wit. All of the film's characters are interesting in their own ways, some are horrifying to watch, and others just sad, but the clever dialogue makes each scene easier to take. Naked is a not an easy film to watch, but its powerful social commentary, memorable characters and unbelievable lead performance make it a must-see. You'll like it if: You like psychological dramas, disturbing dramas, dark comedy, Secrets & Lies, Trainspotting or American Psycho.

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