"Let in the unexpected."

Reign Over Me (2007)
Directed by Mike Binder, rated R , 124 minutes

Reign Over Me is a heartfelt but uneven drama about successful dentist that runs into an old college friend who lost his family in the September 11th attacks and tries to help him overcome his grief. Adam Sandler delivers a surprisingly mature performance, though his humor brings a child-like innocence to his erratic character, and Don Cheadle's sincere performance complements Sandler perfectly. The script smartly doesn't focus too much on 9/11, allowing for a more subtle build of emotions, though at times the writing gets a little clumsy. Reign Over Me takes a few missteps, but it's a compelling story about grief, with some truly likable and interesting characters. You'll like it if: You like psychological dramas, films about friendship, serious Adam Sandler, The Fisher King, Good Will Hunting or Punch-Drunk Love.

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