"Some things can't be erased"

Tape (2001)
Directed by Richard Linklater, rated R, 86 minutes

Tape is a tense and claustrophobic drama about two old high school friends who, while hanging out in a seedy motel, discuss some painful memories from high school. The film is based on a play, which explains why it takes place all in one room, but it's never boring as the head games and shocking backstory provide plenty of compelling drama. Ethan Hawke has never been more convincing than his role here as a cunning loser, and its exciting but nerve-racking to watch him toy with is old friend. Tape is such an interesting film because you're never sure who to trust and who's being honest, and thanks to some stellar acting it's one charged drama. You'll like it if: You like dialogue driven films, dramas about friendship, films set in one location, Before Sunrise, Mysterious Skin or sex, lies, and a videotape.

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