"This sun dial is ten minutes slow."

It's a Gift (1934)
Directed by Norman Z. McLeod, not rated, 68 minutes

It's a Gift is an uproariously funny classic comedy about a henpecked man who decides to move his family out to California to grow oranges despite his family's objections. W.C. Fields delivers plenty of hilarious lines and he's easy to sympathize with as his wife is so absurdly shrewd, you can't help but hate her - she's seriously awful. The film's sight gags are impressively orchestrated and manage to gain momentum and hilarity the longer they go on. Other than it's odd structure, It's a Gift is a great comedy, filled with memorably funny jokes and a underlying feeling of anarchic glee. You'll like it if: You like old comedies, screwball comedies, W.C. Fields, Duck Soup, Sherlock Jr. or Borat.

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