"Matt never saw her coming... but all his friends had!"

The Girl Next Door (2004)
Directed by Luke Greenfield, rated R, 108 minutes

The Girl Next Door is a ridiculously fun and surprisingly smart comedy about straight-laced high school senior who finds his passion for schoolwork waning when a porn star moves in next door. While the plot sounds like your typical teen sex comedy, the film is, unexpectedly, a lot more interested in creating believable characters and solid dialogue than over the top raunchy humor (though there's a bit of that too). Another thing that sets this film apart is the terrific acting; Emile Hirsch and Chris Marquette play off each other masterfully as the lead and best friend respectively, and Elisha Cuthbert even proves she's more than just a pretty girl. The Girl Next Door could be another lazy teen comedy, but it's compelling main characters, truly hilarious dialogue and excellent cast chemistry make it one memorable romp. You'll like it if: You like coming-of-age films, teen sex comedies, Emile Hirsch, Superbad or Harold & Kumar go to White Castle.

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