"I'd like to apologize, but who to."

In Cold Blood (1967)
Directed by Richard Brooks, rated R, 134 minutes

In Cold Blood is an unsettling and unflinching true crime drama about what two drifters do after a botched robbery results in them murdering an entire rural family. Robert Blake and Scott Wilson are top notch as the killers, simply becoming their unsavory characters, and they're provided some stellar dialogue. The stark black and white cinematography and the fact that most of the film was shot in the real locations give the film a documentary feel, and provide a perfect atmosphere for the sad and disturbing plot. In Cold Blood is the epitome of the true crime genre, allowing a glimpse into the minds of two killers while enthralling you with the tragic story. You'll like it if: You like true crime, films about criminals, police procedurals, Capote, Badlands or Monster.

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  1. Well, I too watched the film recently, and must say really liked it. What especially appealed to me were the dazzling B/W cinematography that was almost noir-ish in feel, and the marvelous jazz-inspired score. I'd really loved the book by Capote, and was happy that the cinematic rendition managed to remain largely true to the book's structure.