"Where the hell is my elephant?"

The Protector (2005)
Directed by Prachya Pinkaew, rated R, 108 minutes

The Protector is an exhilarating, pulse-pounding Thai marital arts film about a young fighter who goes to Australia to hunt down the gangsters that stole his elephant. Tony Jaa isn't much of an actor, but he's an incredibly talented martial artist, doing all his own stunt without wires or CGI, and he's a lot of fun to watch. The story is simplistic, but it provides for plenty of jaw-dropping fight scenes, and the film has some exciting visuals, including an ambitious extended Steadicam sequence. The Protector is a ridiculously fun movie that gets more unbelievable and preposterously entertaining as it goes on - the best martial arts film in recent memory. You'll like it if: You like martial arts, lone wolf protagonists, Ong-Bak, District B13 or The Transporter.

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