"I should have told her everything. She loved stories like that."

My Life as a Dog (1985)
Directed by Lasse Hallstrom, not rated, 101 minutes

My Life as a Dog is a heartwarming, though dark, Swedish dramedy about Ingemar, a boy who is sent to live with some relatives in an eccentric little town while his mom tries to overcome a serious illness. Anton Glanzelius delivers a wonderful child performance in the lead, and his character's loneliness and unfortunate circumstances are easy to relate to. The film is filled with odd and very funny characters, but it's the relationships that develop between them and Ingemar that make the story so compelling. My Life as a Dog's bittersweet and nostalgic atmosphere gives the film charm like few others, and it has the perfect mix of comedy and drama. You'll like it if: You like coming-of-age films, quirky comedies, child protagonists, Show Me Love, What's Eating Gilbert Grape or Cinema Paradiso.

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